An International Tantra, Family Constellation and Trauma Healing Facilitator.

Life Without Fear

Her purpose is to guide and connect the person to the space of peace and bliss, that is deep inside each one of us and doesn’t depend on whatever happens on the periphery of our being.

Her message is derived from her spiritual name: Jivan Abhika - life without fear. 

Since childhood, her way of exploring the world was through her own experience. 

She runs groups for women, Tantra groups and Family Constellation Circles in different countries,  sharing the Art of Letting go - main Art to learn in life, according to her vision.

Some of her tools include Tantric practices, emotional release, bioenergetic bodywork, deep healing of Masculine and Feminine through Family Constellation,  working with childhood traumas and conditioning.

Her work is deeply inspired by Osho, whose presence and vision have initiated and guided her. Sarita, Svagito, Aneesha, Homa, and Mukto have also been masters and inspirations on her path.


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