What is Tantra

Very often the word “Tantra” provoke many strange ideas and myths, until you actually try it. So, here’s our experiential introduction of Tantra, to help create more trust and ease.

So, what is Tantra really about?

Tantra is an art, a science, a spiritual path and a lifestyle. It is a Sanskrit word which means, to weave, to transform through methods, and to transform poison into nectar.
Tantra is a path for people wanting to know themselves, deepen awareness and celebrate all aspects of life.
The essence of the path is that it isn't so concerned with theories about life, but the direct experience of it. It gives us methods to directly experience ourselves.
By skillfully playing polarity, the interplay between the masculine and feminine energies, we can energize our practice with enough force to transcend duality (our own limited belief system).
Tantra is inclusive —it uses and accept whatever there is in this moment in order for us to deepen into our nature. The key word is acceptance— in accepting yourself, your desires and your limitations there is an opportunity to transcend them.
Tantra allows you to indulge your desires with awareness so they deepen beyond surface desires and needs towards the ultimate longing for Divine unity.
Tantric methods are designed to strip away layers of conditionings that we’ve accumulated and expand our consciousness beyond limiting belief system.
Sometimes this can leave us a little shaky because we are accustomed to the comfort of our beliefs, but ultimately, it leads to a deeply satisfying state which is in harmony with our true nature.
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