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Asti is co-organizer of several international festivals in Latvia and Shiva Moon Tantra Festival

Baltic Tantra Festival, Latvia

For 10 years Asti traveled the East, meditating, unburdening from conditionings and masks, getting to know the self. During this time he fell in love with energy work, meditation, meditative therapies and bodywork. Now he leads a meditation centre in Latvia, facilitating meditation groups, Osho Meditative therapies – Mystic Rose, Born Again, No Mind and ARUN Conscious Touch meditation. 
Asti organizes Shamanic Dance&Music Festival, Osho Festival in Latvia, Baltic Tantra Festival and this year is the first Shiva Moon Tantra Festival in India.

Body oriented Therapist, trained in Tantra, Family Constellation and Trauma Healing (SE)

The past 20 years of my life were dedicated to learning from some of the most extraordinary teachers and luminaries from all over the world. All those experiences and all that I have received from them , has become the resource that i tap into when working with my clients.

I am trained in Family Constellation, Trauma healing ( Somatic experiencing ), Gestalt Therapy, Tantra, Breath and Body work. As a specialist in many healing methods, I can help you to find the most optimum path in addressing the difficult life situations you face. Let my experience help you to face and overcome those challenges.

I have completed the following:
- Shiatsu training for three years at the O.D.H.A. School in Italy:
- Ito Thermie Healing Art in Japan with Master Kohroghi-san;
- Family Constellation training with S. Libermeister, the world renewed author of "Roots of Love" and "Zen Counselling”;
- Tantra teacher`s training with Homa and Mukto;
- Neo-reichian breath training with A. Dilon.



Abhika (Lisa Martin) is an experienced body oriented therapist which specializes in tantra and family constellation. Since many years organizes groups and festivals Worldwide.



Ashwin continues to channel Osho’s energy by helping people embark on their spiritual journey in the most celebratory fashion!

Zorba the Buddha

Ashwin Bharti is living and spreading Osho’s vision of Zorba the Buddha- a haven where celebration and meditation melt into each other. In his quest for self discovery he has travelled the full circle, starting from a glimpse of Satyam to Sundaram and Shivam and back in a wholesome way to Satyam!

Over the years, Ashwin has received transmissions from various masters in Sufism, Tantra, Zen, Shamanism, Creative Arts and Music. With his reservoir of knowledge and experience Ashwin has now turned towards teaching a range of meditation techniques. His childlike innocence oozes through his enigmatic personality providing a unique energy to his sessions. Today, Ashwin continues to channel Osho’s energy by helping people embark on their spiritual journey in the most celebratory fashion!

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